Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Why Deliveroo & Sainsbury’s Partnership Is A Great Initiative

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and food delivery service Deliveroo have partnered up to bring fresh pizzas to doors. It has been announced that customers from the UK and London, Birmingham, Brighton and Cambridge, England will also be able to order snacks and drinks.

We think that this partnership is a strategic move for both brands because they will improve their competitiveness and commercial appeal by tapping into an emerging market. Supermarkets make up to £89.1bn in value and the food delivery service is £8.1bn, collectively that is almost £100bn. This is indicative of the increasing demand for food services as consumers are shaping their own experiences using technology to accommodate their daily needs. This forces brands to push their boundaries and find collaborative ways to keep up with evolving consumer trends.

This partnership between Sainsbury’s and Deliveroo will in effect increase their brand exposure as they tap into the two markets, consisting of Deliveroo users and Sainsbury’s shoppers. It will also help them to initiate their new on-demand partnership sales strategy. The 2-month trial will help the two brands gain insight into consumer preferences and needs, which gives a chance for both brands to utilise this data and possibly introduce new products.

It will be interesting to see how other supermarkets and food delivery services follow this approach because it can change the way customers interact with their evening meals or lunches. More and more brands need to think about the importance of an unconventional partnership, if they want to remain competitive and generate a wider appeal.

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