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We start by discovering your horizon - that’s your business potential! We aim to reach it and then widen it, by using our ideas, designs and design thinking to create new opportunities. We take your challenges, aspirations and goals and apply design innovation to create meaningful and relevant solutions.

Our output is the creative expression of these solutions, across all of the disciplines below:

Video & Motion
UX / UI & Web
Graphic Design

If this all sounds great, then we’ve got great news! All this is included in our all inclusive retainer package.
Think of it like an access all areas pass so you can use us when you want, how you want!

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How do you integrate your brand into your products & services, distribution, promotions & pricing? How do you streamline your digital communications to improve your brand visibility and efficiently capture and use customer data?

We create strategies and all of the assets you need to address each of these questions. Why not try a free consultation, with no strings? ->

Marketing and
Digital consulting

A successful brand is one that publicly reflects the way you want to be perceived. We are expert storytellers and can help you ingrain your vision, values and goals into every customer touch point for your brand.


We love to make great and original videos and you can have one too. Enough said. Just watch the video. 

Video and 
Motion graphics

If you’re a startup and could use some advice on how to get up and running, we have experience in helping many startups scale and gain investment. We provide creative direction and all the collateral you need, acting as your brand guardians.

Creative and 
Business consulting

It’s a rare ability, but we are fully capable and experienced in creating award-winning interfaces and experiences to help gain brand visibility and deliver results; from launch events & virtual assistants to interactive windows. You name it, we’ve done it.

Marketing &
Digital consulting

Marketing &
Digital consulting

We are experts in designing websites that not only achieve your business objectives but are made with your user in mind. We always ensure they are easy to use, accessible and sexy; making your users’ experience a pleasurable one.

UX / UI and
Website design

Though we are primarily digital, we always appreciate the impact that a hands-on print campaign can have. Using our experience and knowledge of customer behaviour, we can maximise the impact of your menus, print advertising & brochures.

Marketing &
Digital consulting

Marketing &
Digital consulting

This is where our ‘long-term relationship’ becomes invaluable. Knowing your brand inside out, your tone of voice and your business goals help us to create engaging content, tailoring it to each of your different social media audiences & campaigns.


Our work

Seeing is believing. Here’s how we work:

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We’re really lucky to work with amazing clients and for what it’s worth, our testimonial is: "We love you all!".
Thanks for allowing us to experience this amazing journey with you. 

What they say

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Portrait of Edin Basic

Edin Basic

Founder, Firezza

Idea east are one of the smartest marketing agencies in the industry. They have great intuition about winning marketing strategies, always showed great flexibility and still managed to deliver projects on time. I feel that without them, Firezza would not have gone as far to become the market leader in gourmet pizza delivery in London.

Portrait of Ally Munarriz

Ally Munarriz


Our multiple brands, products and websites were confusing for both us and our customers. Idea East got into the nitty gritty of our business, helped us to work out who we are, who our customers are and how we should present ourselves in our tenth year of business. We love the results!

Portrait of Kendal Parmar

Kendal Parmar

Founder, Untapped 

This is a business that stands out from the crowd… their ideas, their ethics and their team. This is why they have achieved great results for us. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Portrait of Terence Hathaway

Terence Hathaway

Alexander Grant

Idea East focus on equipping you with tools to help you leap to a totally different plane, to think differently and consider new perspectives. They are intuitive and the magic of their initial concept is executed and communicated brilliantly, making great use of the simplest ideas.

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