Let's get real.

We believe that companies deserve the chance to succeed. To grow. To see their blood, sweat, tears, and long hours finally pay off. We know that doesn’t always happen, in fact it's bloody hard.

That’s why we exist. We’re like a jet pack that plugs into your business to fuel ideas, strategy and provide you with creative, digital and marketing insights needed to get you flyin’.

We are.

We are the UK’s first design innovation agency and are unlike any other. We join your team to give you a range of creative & strategic experience and manpower, working in long-term, collaborative relationships.

Businesses have to evolve to meet their customers’ changing needs and we’ve evolved to meet yours.
We use design & design thinking to help you overcome your business obstacles, scale and achieve your goals. Our payment plans are designed to help cash flow, provide value up-front and reward your loyalty.

Our magpie values show our true colours:

A photo of a magpie flying Coulds in the background Coulds in the background
A Photo of here east at night

We’re Insightful

All good design starts with a problem and we want yours to solve! We pride ourselves in finding creative ways to tackle anything from digital content to your business model and pricing structures using our knowledge and industry insight to do it in the best way possible.

We’re Distinctive

We strive for excellence in everything we do and try to push that little bit harder to make sure your brand stands out. We push boundaries in our work and we let our imagination take flight.

We're Expressive

Our creative excellence is always paired with detailed strategy and is key to all that we do, from our full service design to business consultation. Don’t take our word for it. Our work speaks for itself.

We’re Adaptable

Business can be unexpected, but we take that in our stride. By hiring the best, dedicated talent we have built up a resilient team who are ready for anything and everything.

We’re Selfless

It’s not all about personal gain, we want to see our clients succeed and take flight. We develop lasting, long-term relationships with our clients and believe that by nurturing these over time, everyone wins.

We’re Transparent

We don’t believe in secrets or gimmicks. It’s easier to just be honest from the start. So we’ll tell you how it is (but we’ll be nice when we do it) and we’re sure you’ll want to keep hanging around.

The Team:

We hope you’ll come to think of us as a team you can rely on. So it helps that we’re a bunch of friendly faces.

Paul Strokes Beard until it grows off frame.


Business Director
There’s nothing better than helping to unleash someone's unlimited potential!
Petras Becomes pixelated and then winks


Marketing Manager
I’m the architect who brings together the jigsaw of our clients, resources & business. 
Joel Gets hit by lightning and develops a lightning scar on his forehead.


Account Manager
What do I do? What don't I do!
Mark Drinks wine poured from an idea east branded bottle


Head of Design
I love creating something from scratch, and happy clients!
Stripes go from Jacks shirt to his face.


I'm a photographer on foot, designer at the desk and a creative at heart.
Chauntelle is a Medusa


Social Media & Communications
 I drift between our Marketing and Design teams to push creativity and results.
Stripes go from Jacks shirt to his face.


UX/UI Designer
I’m a UX and UI designer with undercover graphic design skills.
Clem opens his shirt to reveal a mechanical heart


Product Designer & Engineer
I'm originally an engineer for the past 20yrs. I don’t see problems I see solutions.
Shawn throws boomerang out of frame and catches it on the other side.


Marketing & Database Management
I am one with the spreadsheets, processes and all things marketing, and they are one with me.
Michael hat spins 360 degrees on it own


I am design by name and express by nature. Everyday is an opportunity to create.

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