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We love to help brands fulfil their potential. Whether we're working with a blue-chip business or a tech start-up, we embrace the challenge of delivering the same great results using a range of techniques to suit budgets of all kinds. In short, don't hesitate - let us discover how we can help today!

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    Unlike many London agencies, we pride ourselves on creating effective marketing, branding and promotional strategies designed to achieve successful results. We embrace technology and innovation in everything we do, but never use technology for technology's sake. Though gimmicks can occasionally be highly effective, at Idea East, we aim to get the most out of every campaign by allowing the objective to inform everything from the creative to the copy.


    Though our team consists solely of highly experienced creatives with expertise in brand communications, web design, video production & motion graphics, our biggest strength lies in our ability to think differently. We are never interested in simply "Keeping up with the Joneses", but are continually seeking to cause others to rethink and redefine their campaigns as a result of our approach. As we often say - "Go big, or go home!".


    Here's where the difference comes... The majority of agencies will be given a brief, will come up with a good idea and then begin to deliver it. Often, this results in the client being swept up in the moment and allowing the idea to drift away from their objective. By building the strategy around the idea, we ensure that all bases are covered, allowing us to form a 360° campaign around your customer and deliver far better results.


    Many of our customers explain how in the past, their projects have overrun, leading to costly delays and inflated fees. Unrealistic deadlines are usually responsible, be it due to inexperience or uwillingness to be transparent. One thing we can guarantee is that we will be completely honest with you from the start, even if the truth sometimes hurts! We will also do everything in our power to deliver on time and until our work reaches the highest standard possible, you won't see it.

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